I'm an avid Saab enthusiast/owner and a graphic designer by trade. I started designing Saab inspired shirts purely because I couldn't find anything available that I would be happy to wear.


When designing the shirts I'm always asking myself the same questions; Does it look good? Is it period correct? Is it interesting? Does it promote the brand? And most importantly, would I be happy to wear it?


The prints are ink-based and form part of the garment rather than being printed on top, so the print feels soft and stretches with with shirt. Washed normally the print will last as long as the garment. All shirts are printed using 100% biodegradable, water-based organic inks meeting the strictest industry standards. Our prints are safe for children and infants, and are 100% toxin-free. Our water-based inks are; totally organic, 100% non-hazardous, completely vegan-friendly and contain no animal by-products.

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