Coranavirus COVID-19

We have taken steps during this outbreak to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. The steps we have taken consist of the following:


The Workspace

We operate in a clean working environment to keep the garments clean during the print process. As a result, the production team already take care to clean their machines and workspace several times throughout their shifts. These cleaning routines will continue as usual. In addition, we are implementing extra hand washing routines throughout the day to increase the cleanliness of the facility. The production facility is non-public facing so only receives deliveries and collections. 


The Production

Due to the size of the operation, the facilities have always been set up to allow a minimum of 2m between each member of staff throughout the entire working day. Due to the messy nature of the inks we always have protective gloves freely available for staff throughout the facility. As part of the curing process, all garments pass through an oven for 7 - 10 mins at 160’C before they are packed. This ensures the inks are wash safe but also has the added advantage of sterilising the garments of any potential contamination before being sent to you.


Deliveries to you

The sterilised garments are packed by a member of the team wearing gloves, and then sealed in a package for delivery on to you. The government advice is that COVID-19 cannot be caught from parcels and other deliveries.

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